So, you're searching for that perfect brain...


Visiting the local bulk repository yourself can be an intimidating experience. Without the requisite knowledge, how can you tell one brain from another? That one over there looks like a good prospect, but the fiendish clerk keeps babbling on about things like clock speed, RDRAM, SDRAM, graphics accelerators and a host of other tech-stuff. How do you make sense of it all?... How can you best determine the hardware you need, let alone which operating system?

We can help you pick the perfect brain for the job and configure a system that's tailored to your present needs as well as one that's going to grow with you. From straight out-of-the-box desktop applications for the home user, to the gaming freak's surround sound total-immersion-first-person experience, to mission critical applications for the enterprise user, you can count on's courteous staff. We combed the world and hired only the best assistants (they hate being called consultants by the way), and strangely enough, they all answer to the name IGOR. For sound advice that actually makes sense, simply push this button.

The Check Ups link at the left is your gateway to our customer support team - including 24 hour technical telephone support. Most common questions can be answered by referring to our FAQ's pages. You'll find one on Igor's Home Page, and another on our Web Services page. Or you can simply email us your concern, and we will respond within thirty (30) minutes.

The Surgery suite is where you can bring your brain for repair, minor upgrades (like more memory), and replacement of damaged (or worn out) components.

For the more difficult cases of computer Alzheimer's and many other brain abnormalities, there's our world famous Transplant ward. Patients admitted here usually experience a complete recovery and are released to their loving owners/operators with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose.

It's not often that we're called upon to do it, but sometimes it's actually possible to Re-animate a seemingly dead, abandoned, or homeless brain. We have a number of these lying about and they are anxious to resume useful careers. Visit this area to find out what's available.

At, you'll find that brains are only the beginning. Our Networks team will assist you in tailoring a customized solution to meet your specific requirements from design, to deployment, to regularly scheduled maintenance; all this at just the click of a button!

Need help bringing your staff up to speed on the latest Microsoft ® Windows®, Office® or Corel® Wordperfect® products? One-on-one, or in small groups, we have a Training program that will fit the bill, without blowing the budget. For first-time computer users you've just got to try Keyboard Klicks©, a special introductory course we'll be featuring regularly.

Has your business got a web-site? Click on the Web Services button to find out how can enhance your business strategy by becoming part of a truly global marketplace.

Regardless of which of these buttons you decide to push, you can rest assured that you're only one click away from discovering the best that current technology has to offer and customer service that's truly outstanding.

Welcome to!

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